• Tools

    Tried and tested tools to help you eliminate distractions, automate others and simply lead smarter.

  • Systems

    Integration of key tools that create systems for getting your individual work done.

  • Inspiration

    Break free from working harder and start belonging stronger. Leverage your unique individual network to belong more.

  • Access

    First hand visibility of my micro-venture, how to establish your individual media platform of inspiration and impact.

  • Focus

    Seemingly everybody is an entrepreneur... Quash startup envy and discover how to launch your dreams and growth with your current work.

  • Net Wealth

    Net Worth is dead, the real breakthrough is all about Net Wealth. Discover yours (Hint: It much Greater than you think).

  • Social

    How to leverage with; not give your life to Social.

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Caution - this material could be dangerous to "the way you've always done it." You may be compelled to unlearn boring. All members will be able to improve existing circumstances, and discover smarter Work, Health and Wealth.
  • Michelle Jay Spear, Wife and Best Friend at One Lucky Man
    I do.
    Michelle Jay Spear, Wife and Best Friend at One Lucky Man
  • Keith Hall, Partner, Energy & Utilities at IBM Global Business Services
    TC has the commitment and skill sets to be extremely successful in any role he is tasked. His methodical approach to solving problems and his ability to quickly break down complex issues coupled with his persuasive negotiation style makes him a valuable resource on any team.
    Keith Hall, Partner, Energy & Utilities at IBM Global Business Services
  • Andy Hedrick, Director, Marketing Alliance at TMW Systems
    TC has exceptional technical and project management skills combined with a strong drive to exceed expectations... He utilizes a great depth of experience and leadership to create positive and lasting change.
    Andy Hedrick, Director, Marketing Alliance at TMW Systems
  • Mike Huston, Principal, Huston Associates
    TC demonstrates a very strong understanding of business processes and controls. TC impressed me with not only the technical knowledge, but the pragmatic insights…of his personal experience.
    Mike Huston, Principal, Huston Associates

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  • Never STARTUP - avoid the pitfalls and inevitable failure of startup envy.

  • Leap over the sink hole that is Social Media, and explode the impact of your existing network.

  • Discover in your life the single most important wealth building tool (Confession: It's not compound interest, or dollar cost averaging).

  • How to create time for side projects (Yep, not startups).

  • Realize just how big a deal you really are (Not how big you can be - but already ARE).

  • Uncover the life changing similarities in your life and the multi-billion dollar Hedge Fund.

  • Learn to limit your focus on optimization, and when to embrace BIG picture thinking.

  • Ignore the most frequently monitored performance indicators, and multiply your success.

  • Quit blogging and status updating, and start reaching and inspiring impact.

  • Develop authenticity, the courage to free it, and always #FightFacebookFake

  • The power of morning hair, the messy house, and the dinged up car.

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